About Us

TELEWORKS is a leading provider of networking infrastructure, building automation, security systems, and energy management for commercial, institutional and industrial clientele. Based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, TELEWORKS serves Nicaragua with ease.

TELEWORKS is one of the fastest growing brands in technology integration & building automation industry in Honduras and across the Central America market. The company was established in 2005 and since its inception, TELEWORKS has built its reputation on quality products, innovative and sustainable solutions with exceptional service to our clients. Our proposition is to optimize our customers’ productive process through a comprehensive application of technology integration, taking advantage of the imminent convergence of Networking, Energy and Software.

TELEWORKS General refinements in all areas are key to overcoming sustainability challenges, enabling us to do more with less. This will be accomplished through continuous improvement of existing technologies and through the emergence of new transformative innovations.


Our Mission is to deliver agile and innovative technology solutions of the highest quality to support the critical mass of productive enterprises in Honduras and Nicaragua.


Our vision is to be the premier provider of technology integration services, bridging business with technology and enabling clients to achieve their full productive potential while reaching sustainability and the best practices on technology according to international standards.

Why Us

Committed not only to exceed the expectations of customers, Teleworks, engineering services, design and construction of telecommunications projects and data centers, industrial, commercial, residential and community developments in Honduras.


Respect for the law

Respect for others

Respect for environment

respect for the customer.

respect for the Employees.

We conduct business in an ethical manner, working hard to satisfy our customers. At TELEWORKS we recognize the importance of our employees and their families. Through hard work and dedication, we work closely with our customers to evaluate their needs and deliver the right solution. This comprehensive solution includes quality product, proper installation, and sustainability.

“Technology solutions are more than just hardware & software. Manufacturers and experienced integrators are about trust, ethics and liability”

success stories

Igvanas Tara

Leading project in the city of San Pedro Sula as in Honduras, which will be the first Leed platium building in the region, Teleworks collaborates in this project in the areas of: building automation, WI-FI network, control of administration of services as Energy, Water and gas, Control and monitoring of HVAC, Lighting control and monitoring, Control and monitoring of water pumps, Fire detection alarm, Access control, Environmental sound, data center construction, fiber optic network, supply and configuration of active equipment. All this integrated and controlled from a single building management platform. This allows us to be able to give life to the tower and make it more energy efficient and operationally and thus be able to anticipate any failure within the systems of primary use.


Seajoy is a shrimp group located in Choluteca, Honduras, as a leading company in its market constantly seeks to technify their processes and operations, in this sense Teleworks developed a project of thermal cameras for their farms in Honduras and Nicaragua, thus making Video Surveillance and supervision of the operation 24 hours a day in geographically extensive areas.

One of the achievements was to reduce the operational cost at the security level since before there was the need to have a high number of security personnel hired, in addition to the labor liabilities, equipment and armament expenses were also incurred as required. With the project in progress, it is only necessary to have a monitoring center and a reaction team, which act in a timely manner in case of emergencies presented.

Bijao Electric Company

As one of our main clients in the industrial sector is BECO thermal energy production company, located in the Choloma sector, Teleworks has supported the technological development of this company, providing solutions such as Fiber Optics, radio links, Control of Access, video surveillance and fire detection. We have committed to the maintenance of the installed equipment, this due to the environmental conditions found in the plant and since most of the installed systems depend on the operation of the same.