The automation of homes and buildings allows you to conveniently control basic systems and appliances from a remote access point, such as a tablet, a smart phone or a centralized unit inside the building or house. This ability to monitor your home or company from anywhere in the world opens the doors to a new level of accessibility and control, which allows the user to take care of the house when it is far away. The main objectives of building automation are to improve comfort, operation efficiency, reduce consumption and energy costs. The system can also evaluate and perform tasks from the beginning to finish without human interaction, making it an extremely useful tool . The system is able to send an alert to warn you of any inconvenience in sufficient time so that you can act in advance and, consequently, save money. Similarly, providing light to rooms based on an occupancy schedule has the potential to save significant amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on electricity that you do not need. The environment can also benefit from home automation and construction since it allows the user to consume less electricity and save energy. With the versatility and freedom provided by the implemented system, our team at Teleworks can help you adapt the system exactly to your needs, making the smart home of your dreams come true

Building management system

The intelligent building control system allows us to control each of the important areas in our building.


The detection and extinction of fires is vital to safeguard the integrity of the physical facilities of our company and to ensure the welfare of its occupants. Teleworks offers systems of detection and extinction of fires Hochiki brand that is a brand founded in 1918 and that meets the highest standards of NFPA 72 and UL certifications.

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Energy measurement:

The energy consumption in any building represents a significant figure for its operation. Therefore it is vital to manage this resource to make use of it in the most efficient way possible. Teleworks offers the latest Schneider Electric energy measurement system in its line of products called Power Monitoring Expert (PME).

This system has the following advantages:
  • Invoice generation on the last day of the month.
  • Average transformation losses.
  • Web access to different users.
  • Monitoring of energy quality.
  • Generation of consumption graphs.
  • Generation of alarms for consumption.
Integration with:
  • Access control
  • HVAC control
  • CCTV
  • illumination

The system is compatible with a wide range of medium and low voltage meters, which can make measurements parallel to the energy supplier and even make measurements of gas, water and air.


Teleworks is backed by Schneider Electric for applications in the industry. Within our solutions are the control of HVAC in industrial buildings, as well as the implementation of frequency variators to reduce the consumption by starting the pumps of the HVAC equipment. In addition, it is possible to automate the injection and extraction of fresh air in industrial buildings in order to reduce the energy consumption that these systems usually represent in the operating costs of a plant. Teleworks also has an important solution for electrical rooms that is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the electrical cabinets by monitoring its temperature with a special cable and placing an individual extinguishing system in case of a fire start to avoid the large losses It can mean a fire in electric rooms.