Energy Management

Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a home, company building or organization. This process involves data collection along with energy metering which enables our team to estimate how much energy could be saved. In our professional opinion, you are only able to evaluate and asses something that can be measured. Therefore, our team strives to precisely measure and collect data that will allow us to design a better fitting solution to overcome the challenge. Globally, companies are opting to employ the use of energy management systems since it is key to saving energy in an organization.

As a result from saving energy, the companies benefit from reduce cost of energy, carbon emissions and risks of shortages due to energy overuse. Similarly, the progress in energy saving can be tracked, providing the owner or user with full control over the process. Teleworks works with solutions oriented to buildings and companies that are looking to measure their energy consumption along with utilities such as water, gas and vapor.

Did you know?

How to make a building safe and energy efficient? Teleworks has a wide range of products for this purpose. Being allies of the most important companies in the field of automation and fire control.

We specialize in the area of design and implementation of control in each of the areas of your building and industry. This brings significant savings and efficiency in their processes.

Our solutions: HVAC control, lighting control, parallel measurement, access control, fire detection, and extinguishing with clean agent.