Networking & Telecom

Teleworks offers a comprehensive set of voice and data solutions developed by a team of engineers with over 25 years of cumulative experience. We understand that your computer network is a vital element of your business. In this technology-oriented age, your enterprise is only as strong as the computer infrastructure that upholds it. As more businesses resort to voice and data communication networks, the availability, reliability and security of the network becomes crucial for the optimal performance as well as your professional image and costumer relationship.

With the help of Teleworks, your network can become an outstanding business asset. A properly designed and well maintained communication network means enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, less stress, and a substantial decrease in downtime

Informatic security

Teleworks being a Gold Partnet member of Fortinet offers its clients the Firewall Fortigate family which is a security platform with a very powerful multi-threat response as a combination of proprietary processors that offer integrated ASIC-accelerated performance and a constant update to information about deep threats. Employing innovative technologies for networking, security and content analysis.

Fortigate integrates security technologies including Firewall, VPN, Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Web Filtering, Anti-spam and Traffic shaping, which can be implemented individually to complement legacy solutions or in combination for an integral management solution of threats. The company complements these solutions with a wide range of management, analysis, e-mail, connectivity products and end-point security.

  • Fortigate
  • FortiAP
  • FortiSwitch
  • FortiMail
  • FortiAnalizer
  • FortiManager

Our areas of Specialization for Operator

  • CATV Head Ends (Analogs, Digital and Ips)
  • Transmission Solutions
  • GPON Solutions
  • Fiber Optic

Our areas of Specialization for Companies

  • Local Area Networks (Structured Cabling and Wireless)
  • Information Security (firewalls & UTM)
  • Voice and Telephony Solutions.
  • Data Centers and Data Rooms.
  • Video Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • CATV Head Ends (Analogs, Digital and Ips)
  • Transmission Solutions
  • GPON Solutions
  • Fiber Optic

Data Center

Teleworks has highly qualified and certified personnel to design solutions according to the availability and reliability needs that each of our clients needs in their Data Centers, this we do it hand in hand with leading brands in the industry that support us and keep us updated products with which they constantly innovate.

  • False elevated floor
  • High frequency grid
  • Precision air units
  • UPS
  • Transients protection system
  • Detection and extinction of fires
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Access control
  • Doors and security boxes
  • Video surveillance
  • Infrastructure (Rack, Fiber Optics, Structured cabling)
  • False Sky Clean Room

Design and Construction of Structured Cabling

Teleworks we design, build and certify your structured cabling projects adhering to construction standards to guarantee the useful life of your investment, let us know your project and let yourself be advised by a group of industry professionals.

  • Belden CAT5e
  • Belden CAT6
  • Belden CAT6A

Design and Construction of Optical Fiber

Teleworks we design, build and certify your Fiber Optic projects adhering to industry construction standards, our experience has been worth to be in several of the most important projects in the region.

  • Belden
  • Draka
  • OptiWorks