The security systems consist in ensuring a construction of the company or a complex of buildings up to the system of components and interworking devices. Such a system allows a commercial security operations to centralize, granting more control to the user and protecting it from potential intruders and others. A centralized system is now able to monitor and regulate access points remotely, eliminating the need for tedious human work.

The system has the potential to protect against fraud committed by people through video monitoring and control the accessibility of access points according to established schedules.

Research has shown that obviously functional security systems in a business reduce the likelihood of thieves entering the building by 60%. At Telework, we work in a wide variety of security systems such as face recognition technology and automotive license plate thermal and thermographic images with infrared cameras. Our team of experts specializes in Design of solutions for unconventional and hostile environments, advanced implementation of telecommunications and energy solutions.


PELCO is a company with more than 50 years of experience in video surveillance, number one in the world in terms of security and winner of multiple awards for their research and development. Teleworks as an integrating channel for pelco has developed numerous projects ranging from conventional video surveillance to highly complex implementations such as thermal cameras and analytical video, using the correct equipment for each application.

Each of our designs are developed by a group of certified and specialized engineers in the area of video surveillance and telecommunications. This guarantees that each of our solutions is a success.

Everyday Application

Within our portfolio of products are the models IL10, IMP and IBP that with their infrared characteristics with different models for both outdoor and indoor can be used in any application.

Special Applications

For special applications we have high technology solutions that include: thermal cameras, Explosion proof, cameras for counting and analytical video, fish eye cameras, PTZ cameras and the new camera optera that allows us to have a wider vision, with its various lenses we can achieve a vision of 180, 270, 360 degrees according to the need of the application.

Products and services

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Uniformed Guard Service
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Facial Recognition
  • Video Walls and Monitoring Centers