Items of Application

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Industrial Sector
We have products dedicated to the industrial area and hostile environments that are found in this area, with operating capacities in high temperatures and under very unfavorable conditions. Teleworks has an engineering team that is responsible for designing each of the solutions that will be applied to these projects taking into account safety regulations, electrical regulations and high standards that are required for these applications. The selected products are according to the need and application in the field. With the support of the manufacturers we represent, both in terms of design and post-sales support.
Vertical Construction Sector
We have different solutions for control and automation of building, which allows us to make more efficient each of the buildings in which we have worked. All the solutions are different and they are a tailor made suit according to the needs of each client and the purpose to be achieved.
Hotel Sector
It can significantly reduce energy consumption through the installation of building automation systems, which allows us to control areas of common use, rooms and rooms. Significantly impacting our energy bill through the synchronization of systems such as lighting, HVAC linking it with the occupational density of different sites.
Education Sector
We have products that are appropriate to the educational area placing institutions in a position technologically favorable to the rest of the field, we generate computer security solutions, connectivity and automation of intelligent classrooms for our customers.
Banking Sector
Our solutions are dedicated to the security area, managing to protect its most valuable assets such as information, sending and receiving data. Additionally we can offer equipment for electronic security and automation making designs that comply with international security regulations.